Muestra Distrital 2016
Prof. Daniela Sánchez y M. Florencia Escobar

Articulación Prof.. Natalia Molignano

Articulación 3y4 grado T.M.

4º Grado A - We recycle materials to make toys at home. We can have fun using the elements we already have. Let^s protect the environment.

 Projcet Work
Famous People - From the past
7ther. A. T.M.

El 21 de septiembre a las 8:30 hs, 10 alumnos de 7mo. Grado C y D, se presentarán a rendir el CLE (Certificado Lengua Extranjera). Les deseamos a todos muchísima suerte!!!!

It was a hot day in the city and it was also a special day because workers had gone  on strike so there were a few people in the streets and at school, there were a few pupils and teachers too.
In the afternoon shift, with 4ºC, we had an open air class. We had a great time together because we did what we usually do in the classroom but sitting under a beautiful tree. We learnt, sang a song, laughed and spoke in English, of course.

LOOK AT THE PICTURES !!!!!!!                        HERE WE ARE !!!!!!!

These are the pictures of the project we did with 5º C and D in the afternoon shift. It was done after  learning the different public places and shops in the city ( hospital, library, town hall, etc) and prepositions of place ( next to, opposite, in front of, behind ).
Besides, this project was an excellent idea to close the year… working in groups, trying to reach an agreement how we would do it, learning to respect each other.

These are the photographs of the models !!!!!  Look!!!!!
We´ve put a lot of ourselves on them.

Los alumnos de 4to. grado A, junto a Miss Florencia, trabajaron con el cdRom de English Zone en el aula de informática con la Pizarra Digital Interactiva (P.D.I) sobre áreas de gramática (GRAMMAR), repasando formas verbales en presente simple (Verb Tu Be). Resolvieron juegos sobre ese mismo tema. También repasaron los números del 1 al 20 y jugaron con adjetivos.